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Next Generation Power over Ethernet and Temperature Testing

This report documents Berk-Tek's testing of bundles of cables that were carrying the current to match the 100W target for next generation PoE. 

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How do certain cables stand up to the heat?

For more than a decade, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has provided organizations with a simple and convenient option for powering devices such as IP phones and low-power cameras. Now, as technology continues to evolve, the structured cabling infrastructure needs to support an increasingly diverse and power-hungry set of devices.

The continued growth in applications supported by PoE and as the technology grows, the demand for higher power delivery over data cables has lead to concerns about temperature rise.

This test report covers the testing of cable bundles that were carrying current to match the 100W target for next generation PoE. Performance for this test is evaluabled based on the temperature rise of the installation when power is applied.

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