Did you know that the smart lighting market is expected to grow to $25 billion by 2023? 

The concept of intelligent buildings isn’t new, but it has certainly picked up steam recently, as more and more organizations are realizing the benefits of building automation. Smart lighting is an area where this technology is soaring!

We want you, our OASIS contractors, to be the first to benefit from Berk-Tek’s partnership with Cree. Read below for some resources and insight on this potential revenue stream! 

Smart Lighting Brochures


Reduce energy costs, maximize space utilization, and boost productivity. A smart lighting system is more than just lights. You are connecting and powering the start of a uLAN, or utility network, in your building.


Healthcare facilities routinely provide 24/7 artificial lighting. LED lighting can significantly reduce lighting costs, but more important, patient experience can be  significantly influenced by light quality.


LED lighting can provide benefits such as improved concentration, reading fluency and social behavior, providing schools and universities the flexibility to create an ideal learning environment for any activity.