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Voice, Data, Power, and Video Application Channel Test Report

Get an overview of the testing done to show the capability of enhanced Category 6 channels under stressed conditions with several applications running simultaneously.

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Maximum Performance for Voice, Data and Power in the Real World

Traditional testing methods do not accurately measure the performance of cabling under the strain of increasing bandwidth demand, high power PoE, and evolving wireless technology. That’s why Berk-Tek developed a new 4-connector, 100-meter channel that measures cable performance with simultaneous transmission of voice, data and power in the real world. Berk-Tek testing measures the following:

  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS) – A quality of service metric used mainly to measure VoIP.
  • Frame Error Rate (FER) – A very rigorous test for IP data applications.
  • Media Loss Rate (MLR) –A quality of service metric used to measure IP video (IPTV).
  • Heat Rise from PoE – A measurement of how efficiently cabling can dissipate


This report will share:

  • Real world application testing results
  • How Berk-Tek designs and builds cables for the real world
  • Which cables performed best under stressed conditions


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