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Voice Data Power: Maximizing Cable Performance for Voice, Data and Power in the Real World

Get an overview of the real-world challenges that are taxing copper-based cabling systems as IP convergence becomes more prevalent.

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Maximum Performance for Voice, Data and Power in the Real World

IP convergence is upon us, and the structured cabling system is tasked as the vehicle to connect applications to the network – from voice to data to power.  When PoE was introduced over a decade ago, it changed the landscape of structured cabling networks. Today, for many applications, it’s standard operating procedure. Protecting network traffic from the noise and heat inherent with PoE is critically important. To accommodate this convergence and bandwidth expansion, you need cabling that offers the ideal balance between delivering data AND power.

This paper covers:

  • The challenges presented to cabling systems today
  • Berk-Tek's proprietary testing design for maximizing performance for voice, data and power in the real world
  • What goes into building a better cable for today and tomorrow


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